North Florida Bass Fishing With Capt Steve

This is Capt Steve with the fishing report for the St Johns River.

today was a great day, I had Ivan out fishing with me, he hadn’t fish with shiners to much and we went out and did that for a little while and then did a little artificial fishing.

We went and starting fishing them under the floating mats, he ended up catching the biggest bass of his life it was a little over 6 pounds and what topped it off was I was doing my radio show with the boys over at Leesburg wqbq right when he caught it, it was a lot of fun and I had to hang up on them and call them back and tell them what we caught.

We caught around 20 to 25 bass and we had a lot of fun, the river is looking really good, we have a lot of floating mats, the bass are starting to bed and it is a good time to go fishing.

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