Long Time Returning Customers the Morgan Family

Hi, this is Captain Mark Rogers, and we were on Lake Okeechobee today with a long time returning customers the Morgan family. We had a good time, the breeze (wind) was up by 10 to 15 mph which I think actually kept the temperature’s nice and cool and comfortable and it kept the fish biting all day.

We caught fish pretty much all day from the beginning to the end. Moved around a couple times with the bite stayed pretty consistent. No real monsters lot of 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 pound fish which made for a fun day. At one point the bite slowed down a little bit and Sierra the daughter pulled out or lucky bobber, it was pretty funny because as soon as you pulled it out her line went down and she caught two or three fish. After that, everyone else on the boat wanted to touch the lucky bobber and it’s passed around. The craziest thing was everybody that touched it started to catching fish. Then might slow down for a little bit, then we would pass the bobber around again, and everybody would start catching fish again.

It all added up to a lot of fun, and added a bit of excitement. So that’s it for today, so keep looking for those big one.
Capt Mark Rogers
Long Time Returning Customers the Morgan FamilyLake Okeechobee

Fishing OkeechobeeLong Time Returning Customers the Morgan Family

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