Florida Fishing Adventures with Capt Steve

This is Capt Steve with the fishing report for the St Johns River.

We had a cold front come in last night and it did rain a bit and it just had quite when we were just getting out of the slow zone in Astor out of Castaways on the river and we ran down the river there and fished the first spot.

It was cold when we got to the first spot there and Terry caught the first one and then she caught another one and Mike had 3 or 4 on but he wasn’t able to get them to the boat.

For the way the weather was we had better action then what I thought it would be but if we weren’t fishing them tight up under the mats we might not have done so good but we managed to catch a few.

We then got up into the creek and it was chilly until the sun finally came through.

I look forward to fishing with them again maybe we can go to Rodman or another area they haven’t tried yet.

Anyways for all your Florida fishing adventures go to BassOnline, thank you.

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