Christmas present for him on Lake Okeechobee

Hey Everybody this is Capt Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today I had Robert Seeger out on the water and the day started out a little slow, it was cool and a little windy as well as cloudy in the morning. We had to checkout a few different spots and we finally ran into the right one, we caught a couple nice 4 and a half pound fish.

Christmas present for him on Lake Okeechobee

Overall good way to start out the Christmas weekend and Christmas present for him and just a great time on the water weather won’t up turning out beautiful. They’re going to be no trips over Christmas there for the New Years and hopefully we can get you out on the water soon. To get you on a trip of a lifetime, maybe even that fish of a lifetime get it booked soon.

Until next time to state lines Captain Brian Brown.



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