Blue Lagoon fishing was outstanding, even phenomenal today

Good morning, I had a 4 hour trip from 6:30 to 10:30, and we finished finished it out by 9:30. We had must of had 20 fish, it was easy fishing with 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 pounds being the biggest peacock bass, but we caught great numbers.
We were just catching them as fast as we could put the line in the water this morning. I thought maybe after the cold front went through yesterday, it was going to be a little bit tough for us…but it was really good. All the fish today were nice solid chunks and it was 73 when I put in the water, and it’s 76 water temperature about the same, but anyway those peacock bass were chewing.
Allen, Tab, Jennifer and Brett from Kansas City finished with me today, and then they just had an awesome time. As a guide, it was just one of those magical mornings. I’ve been really fortunate here lately. I mean, I just been getting on the good fish, so I’ve been really blessed.

This past week, the fish have been really biting real good. It’s Captain Robert Miley, I want to let you know this Blue Lagoon fishing was outstanding, even phenomenal today.
So, take care and have a Happy Holiday to everybody.


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