Belle Glade Bass Fishing With Capt Brian Brown

hows everybody doing, this is Capt Brian with your lake Okeechobee fishing report.

I went out of the south end with George, out of Slims Fish Camp, we grabbed 4 dozen shiners for our 4 hour trip and out we went.

I was a little scared the morning bite started off a little slower than I thought it would, but we hunted around and we did catch a few here and there and finally got into one spot and it was the right spot.

We went through a couple dozen shiners and caught a lot of fish and caught a nice solid 6 pound fish, we did catch a lot of 2 and 3 pound fish but that fish topped off the day.

It was beautiful weather the wind finally picked up around 11 and we were getting ready to get off the water any ways and had some clouds move in and cover up the sun and kept the fish biting.

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