Bass Fishing In South Florida With Capt Kirk Osborne

This is Capt Kirk Osborne with the fishing report for The Airport Lakes.
Well this morning, it’s cold. the front past and it’s just now 62. I met up with Chuck and Stephen Dodd looking for Peacocks.
I thought it was going to be a real fast and furious day as we had caught a peacock just minutes after we started. Small one, but it was a peacock.
Then we moved around to some nice spots but no luck, then to the bridges, went north we caught a few bass not peacocks so we went for a little ride south and things turned on. we got hits on all four corners with the biggest being this Large Mouth Bass. hitting the scale at 5+ lbs, it was a good end to a slow and cold start.

They both said that they are looking forward to coming back to find the Peacock Bass and we will get them next time.

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