Windy Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley im just leaving Lake Ida, I had a 4 hour trip with Sandy and lou they are regular customers of mine.

We caught 25 fish, it was kinda slow in my book we didn’t catch anything big, our biggest was 3.52

We had some good ones on but it was hard to detect a bite due to the wind blowing 25 knots, boat control was tough, but we managed to catch some fish.

Its 82 the water temp was 74, I hope it doesn’t get any colder, I like for it to come up some cause the bigger fish moved down deeper in the center of the canals, hugging the shelve and they are just not coming up.

the largemouth bass were biting though
They all over the place and loving the weather.

Sandy and Lou had a great Windy Peacock Bass Fishing Trip we caught lots of fish and it was a really comfortable day.

Thats it for today this is Capt Robert Miley keep a tightline everyone.

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