Tarpon Caught While Fishing The Blue Lagoon

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley I’m getting ready to leave the Blue Lagoon it was a hot afternoon I fished with Ben and Allen who work in the medical equipment repair they came down here and wanted to get some fishing in before going to their meeting and a ball game so we had to finish before 5 but we had want you call an epic day they caught a lot of nice Peacock Bass he had one big one on that just ran line off, he said he never felt anything pull like that we caught about 10 nice ones and Allen caught 2 tarpons one about 10 lbs and another about 20 25 pounds we got them to the boat. we had an awesome day I told them what to do and they did everything perfect we caught most fish on live bait and that this time of the year live bait is the best you can catch them on artificial to its just more difficult so we use 8 dozen shiners jump some other Tarpon had a few other big fish on but they got away so we couldn’t tell what they were and had an outstanding day. after we got off the boat he came up to me and said Iv never had a guy that took care of their customers like you did and helped us get on the fish and what to do and be a 10 even. and I really appreciate that Mr Luis and Allen i really appreciate the good comment it means a lot. it was just an outstanding day the water temp is 87 it was a little windy today the fishing was a little slower than yesterday iv been up here 2 days in a row this is the third day and ill be back friday but the fishing has been good this time of year the fish are kinda like in a suspended mode well anyways for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

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