Bass Fishing Out On Lake Toho With Capt Steve

This is Capt Steve with the fishing report for Lake Toho.

Today I had Nick and his son Ryan with me fishing.

We did artificial and shiners Ryan fishing shiners off the back of the boat.

He ended up catching the biggest a 4.10 and a 3 and a half and a couple others and Nick caught a few on artificial.

He was throwing a senko we were fishing the outside of the hydrilla edges and it was real calm out there almost to calm the sun was shining so it got pretty warm quick.

It was their first time hiring a guide, they had a great time and I hope to fish with them again sometime.

Thats it for now for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

Out On Lake Toho Bass Fishing With Capt Steve

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