Bass Fishing Trip Out On The St Johns River

This is Capt Steve with the fishing report for the St Johns River.

I went out of Castaways On The River, with Chris his sons Luke and Carson and his father in-law Frank.

We did a little artificial and shiner fishing and we got ourselves into some hybrid stripers.

Caught about 10 of those using steelshad and then we went and caught some bass on the wild shiners.

Using a cork about a foot and a half, down and running it along the weed edge then we went to a clear creek and caught a few bass in there.

It was clear enough to watch them hit the shiners we even saw one about 3 pounds swimming along and we just dropped a shiner and watched it hit it it was really fun.

Anyways for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

st johns river striped bass caught on steelshad

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