Big Bass First thing In The Morning

Hi this is John Leech had a great time this morning with Mike and his son Michael. We got a little bit of a late start but we caught a big bass first thing in the morning. First bait in the water we had a 8 pounder. Then his dad had a 5 pounder and anyway just had a great day. The big fish were biting early this morning we caught around 15 fish the best bite was the first 45 mins. That big bass first thing in the morning though, just set us up for a great day. That’s it for now for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

Big Bass First thing In The Morning Big Bass First thing In The Morning

Largemouth Bass

This species is one of the top predators in the freshwater aquatic systems throughout Florida. Highly prized by a vast variety of anglers for their explosive first bite and strong fight, these fish mean business. There are countless techniques and baits that target these beautiful fish. From Baits targeting the deeper holes to top water baits there are many ways to hook into one of these guys. New baits and styles are being used every day and what did work yesterday might not today. Sometimes even a custom rig put together from outdated lure and tackle parts becomes the next big thing.


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