Peacock Bass Fishing And Casting Accuracy

Good afternoon this is Capt Robert Miley, I had a great time fishing Lake Ida today, I fished with Brian and his best friend Mike. The water temperature was 81 degrees this morning and it was 90 degrees when I left, it is hot and the fish are biting. We had an awesome day, we didn’t catch big numbers but we caught about 15 fish we got a few on top-water, but it just didn’t produce big fish. They wanted to use all artificial but I brought some live shiners and I took them to a spot and we didn’t catch anything less than 3 pounds and our biggest largemouth was almost 6 pounds, and it was just a great day. The big fish were really tight to cover, the little fish were out swimming around. If you wanted a big fish it was a slow grind, but we knew they were there and the guys stuck it out and got some nice fish. There’s a little trick to catching some of those big fish I learned, so if your coming south now’s the time to go fishing. The peacock bass are really biting, you can catch numbers using artificial but your not likely gonna catch the real big ones. you can but you really have to work at it. You have to cast accurately and make consistent casts. You cant just look at it and make a cast you got to really work at it, that’s why i bring shiners along because some of the casts are quite difficult. I will show how to make the cast or make the cast and let you reel it in. Its all about casting accuracy and be able to put it in tight spots. Any way the peacocks are still spawning and its looking to be a great summer for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline, this is Capt Robert Miley with your Lake Ida fishing report, tight lines until next time.

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