Overcast On Lake Ida Fishing For Peacock Bass

Hello this is Capt Robert E Miley fishing on Lake Ida. it was a little overcast the temperature was 76 degrees compared to 95 yesterday and the water temperature was 80, but it made the fish down a little bit the bite was a little slow and they were real hard to feel.

I fished with Mr Bernstein and we had a school I taught him how to use a casting reel to catch Peacock Bass and how to pitch it and he caught some nice peacock. we didn’t catch that many on the 4 hour trip because we moved around but the ones we caught were really nice, no giant ones nothing over 3 pounds but they were nice fish.

Mr Bernstein is looking forward to fishing again and this was kinda like a school for him he has been a salt water fisherman and not a freshwater. so I got to show him how casting is very critical. anyway we had a good day and I want to thank Jerry for contacting us at BassOnline, he retired down here a really nice guy and loves to fish and I hope he has a nice trip home.

For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline, This has been Capt Robert Miley thank you bye.

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