Lake Toho Fishing On A Mirror

Hello, this is Captain John Leech and well another great day on the pond. Little bit unusual day, and you can see from the pictures of sunrise the lake was dead slick, I mean just looked like a mirror and It looked like mirror all day long. We went out there, and we caught them. Had James, and his grandson Steve and anyway Steve is a 7 year old young man, just Full of energy and full of questions, but boy did we have fun. I mean they’ve got to catching fish, and you know like I said it started off slow because of the dead slick water and actually had go find some fish in the deeper hydrilla in the vegetation. I mean you had to throw it up to the edge of the hydrilla and let them swim, and anyway real interesting day. Caught the fish and had a great time. That’s it for now. this is Captain John leech.

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