Kelly Group Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley and I’m leaving the falls. I Fished with the Mike Kelly group, an awesome set of fishermen. They came down here and had a blast catching some really nice big peacock bass. I had the opportunity to fish with Paulie again today for half a day and then Mr Mike Kelly himself the owner of the company. He had an awesome trip we put him on a 6 pound almost a 6 and 1/4 pound peacock bass and we caught around 15 fish that were 3 pounds to 6 and a half pounds. The water temperature was 85 degrees and the air temperature was 91 when I pulled off it was almost croaking weather but the fishing was fabulous. The big bite was really hard to feel a lot of fishermen had a real hard time feeling them and they were down deep. There were a few of big ones up spawning on the shelves but we didn’t target those we went for the big ones down deep and we caught them and we had an awesome time, they’re great a company. Keep a tight line Kelly, he got the big fish and we measure it, it was 22 inchs long and 17 inchs around hes gonna make a mount, after measuring all the fish were released. It was just an awesome day, it was slow for my standards but we caught big fish. The big ones we were targeting were down deep but if you wanted to target bedding bass you could target them with rattletraps and pitch them right on the nest but we went for the big fish in the deeper holes, that’s it for now this has been Capt Robert Miley, keep a tight line and we will see you in the south again when you decide to come and fish for these feisty peacock bass. bye now

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