Throwing top waters on Lake Trafford

Hi, This is Capt Mark Rogers with the day’s fishing report. We are fishing out of Lake Trafford today with father and son David and Cole we had a pretty good day. We started out in the morning, throwing top waters and some plastic worms and got a few fish, caught a few fish on topwater and one is about 4 pounds or so. And then it slowed down a little bit and the clouds started to build and the wind picked up and then they started biting again. We got several fish between 2 to 4 pounds mainly on Soft plastics pitching into the grass, it was a fun day. We just picked them off we had a 4 hour day and pick them off slowly throughout the day. We picked up a nice one was about almost 6 pounds to cap the day off and it ended up to be a fun day on Lake Trafford. Thank you.

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