Lake Okeechobee full of life and full of fish

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report well folks out on the water with Mike and his son Kyle from Tampa, Florida, man Oh man what another fantastic day here on Lake Okeechobee, moon Phases great, weather’s great, and bad part about it; They fell love with my a big Abu-Garcia Toro reals and volatile Rods and I thought they were confiscated they had so much fun with them they really found out how awesome a piece of machinery that thing really is caught Great number’s good quality fish just an all-around wonderful day, after we burned up all our live bait, it was a mixed bag went out this morning went artificial, the weather was perfect, It’s finally given us a break down here all the stuff we’ve been through this winter this is getting to be my favorite time of the year, let me tell you what folks coming to Florida and not seeing Okeechobee is like taking a little kid to Orlando, and not letting him see Disney world so if your coming down this way its a must see and don’t listen to all the media talking about water discharge off to the coast and lake Okeechobee is dirty, it is crystal clear its beautiful, its full of life and full of fish i’ll show you some pictures to prove that capt Mark Shepard all the best everybody.

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