Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Trick Sticks And Swim Jigs

Hey, everyone. This is Capt Brian Brown here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report Today we spent the day on the North end of Lake Okeechobee we went out of Gerrard’s and headed down and actually put in at the Harney Pond area I spent some time today with some Minnesota Boy’s some old hometown guys that come down and and then spend the day on the water we did a 6 hour trip split up between artificial and shiners we got a couple dozen shiners and both Troy and Jeff each caught a nice 5 1/2 pound fish on the shiners and they decide they want to go throw some artificial around so we pulled out some of the big bite baits trick sticks and outkast tackle swim jigs and proceeded have a pretty awesome day doing that we got a bunch of fish never got into the real Big giants, but they both ended up with those two five and a half pounders and just a bunch of fish by the end of day so It was a great way for a couple buddies come down spend some time and and get away from the cold and snow up there and then the wifes and girls got spend time on the beach and Relax so kind of a good time had by all and a lot of laughs and joking going on so we still got a few months here some really good fishing guys looking to come down for spring break get a hold of us here at bass online, and we can get you all for a trip of a lifetime tight lines until next time this is Capt Brian Brown creating memories one fish at a time.

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