Husband and wife Bass Fishing

How’s everybody doing this is Capt Brian Brown here with the Lake Okeechobee fishing report today We’re on the North end of the lake again. We went out of Garrard’s bait and tackle and I had Tom and his wife Susan with me. We did four afternoon trip and we made the best of it. We had some awesome weather grabbed some shiners headed out and we got lucky and we’re able to park on one little spot we didn’t have to move around a whole lot and got to see Susan just put an absolute Whooping on Tom She pretty much got all the fish tonight, and she even ended it with a 5 and a 6 pound fish that just put the nail in tom’s coffin, and he really didn’t have much to say. I think he’s going to have a long drive back tonight, but they flat whack them really well she had a great time it was just a we had a lot of laughs and just enjoy some great weather finally here in Okeechobee and it was a great evening. Its fun to watch husband and wife Bass Fishing and just kind of connect there and have a good time out on the water so anytime anyone wants come on the water and just enjoy some time together and get away from everything else give us a call here at BassOnline, and we can give you a trip of a lifetime and you guys can make some memories to share along the way so until next time tight lines Captain Brian Brown looking to stretch the line with you.

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