Fishing Trip Turns Epic

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley, I’m just now leaving Slims Fish Camp, I had a full day of fishing with Ben he is a sophomore in high school just he and I and we had an epic day. It started off like it was gonna be a real bad day black clouds came in, it rained for a little bit then it got flat calm and nothing was really happening. Earlier in the morning we caught a few up to 5 pounds and then we caught some big catfish. After lunch we went back out to one spot out in pelican bay and it was epic for 1 full hour we went through 3 dozen shiners and we had 5 at a time we put 5 poles in the water and they were going and we did that 4 times and i told the young man nope we’re going down to 2 poles that was too much work we had a Chinese fire drill going im mean the fish were biting, we were losing fish, the drags were screaming, we were trying to figure out which was which it was so much fun, I hope to have him back again next year, and for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline this is Capt Robert Miley, creating memories one fish at a time.

Torry Island

Torry Island is the only inhabited island on Lake Okeechobee, has only a single bridge linking it to the main land. The Island offers many activities for all ages: fishing, walking biking, wildlife watching, and camping, Slims Fish Camp is located on this island providing bait and tackle for anything you might need on the lake. there are a few trails for anyone that would like to go hiking and there is also a golf course nearby for those of you who wish to get a few swings in before hitting the water.

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