Family Bass Fishing Trip On The St Johns River

This is Capt Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for this morning on the St Johns River. Today I had Ron, Julie, and their son, and daughter fishing with me out of Astor, and we got lucky with the bite again, the first shiner i threw out for Rj, it hit the water and a seven pound Monster Bass ate it and dived straight down into the depths of the river. his dad said it must have taken 35 seconds for us to get a bass on once we got to the spot, and I was pretty happy about that, I think its best to get a big bass right first thing in the morning. We had a pretty good day after that we caught about a dozen bass, and we caught them running under the mats and on the sea walls, Ron and his family are down from Maine, and i thought it was cold but they said it was quite nice it was around 40 degrees in the morning, then the sun came out and was out all day, and it warmed up pretty good, well i hope they come back to see me again some time, and i hope they have a safe trip back up. for everyone out there for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline, this is Capt Steve Niemoeller creating memories one fish at a time.

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