Family Bass Fishing Trip On Lake Okeechobee

This is Captain Mark Shepard With your Lake Okeechobee fishing report Well folks over the last couple of days we have been pounded by 30 mile an hour winds and just rough situation, but today. I had three guys out of Tennessee. The father was Kendall son Cole, and Keith was his the youngest son and we grinded it out. I mean it was pretty rough the first half of the day. Wind was blowing really really hard, but then it started to lay down get a little bit warmer well slid out to one of my areas, and we put the hammer down on them and caught some monsters beautiful fish great numbers. We had to work for them at the first, but ended up with the big wow factor. I’m telling you what we just put big fish after big fish in the boat lot of fun my favorite time of the years coming. And we just had another big cold front coming through Hopefully this week is going to kind of fade out and don’t know but hopefully it’s the last big cold front this season, but I’ll tell you what we got lot of good stuff coming cause these spawns on Lake Okeechobee never stop this is Captain Mark Shepard if you’re in Florida you better check this place out.

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