Big St Johns River Bass

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the bass fishing report for the St Johns River had another awesome day, I just can’t believe the big fish Just keep coming like they are, we ended up with around 20 fish with big fish going to Charlie. He’s a first time customer they came down with a repeat customer Alex’s brother from South Carolina. And Alex was out with me last year he caught a 8 pound 7 ounce bass, and he reminded me today that that’s what he caught last year, and charlie caught a 10 pound 5 ounce fish today a big St Johns River Bass. So we had some little bit of a rivalry but that’s alright we’re going back out again, so we will be on Rodman tomorrow. Hopefully out to catch him 10 something or 11, weather there was a little bit overcast end of the day, but most of time sun was shining and just a little bit of a breeze, and it was a nice day and good people to hang out with all day.. for all your freshwater fishing Adventures go to BassOnline. Thank you.

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