Big Bass On The Big O

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks yesterday was off the charts they caught a lot of good fish, the weather’s been good the fish are biting, out today with Shawn and his son from Quebec Canada trying to get some big fish and biggest fish was six and a half pounds he almost beat his record six and a quarter, but his son smoked him because he got a nice 7 pounder just a big old chunk on a certified scale numbers are huge. We got 41 bass just had a fantastic day caught some Big Bass On The Big O, Most of the fish were four to five pounds a lot of really good strong chunks coming in Powerhouse fish just ripping off and the young man almost got jerked off the back of my boat, we lost the fish, but I mean he almost went for a drink, he’s a lot of fun and 14 years old had a time of his life and now they’re going to Daytona trip with us and doing some peacock fishing and they’re checking out other places in Florida having a great adventure this father and son, its such an honor to be part of those trips getting them young guys out there that like to catch some fish and watch their eyes light up like that, and it was just off the charts good numbers good quality wonderful day couldn’t ask for anything better finally we’re getting pass this crazy weather we’ve had this winter, weather has been nice for a few days will cross my fingers and hope that hangs in there. This is Captain Mark Shepard when you get a chance. Get out here and have an adventure.

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