A Good Moon Phase And A Good Bite

This is Capt Mark Shepard with your lake Okeechobee fishing report out on the water today all the way from Arkansas Seth and his son and I’ll tell you what we had a wonderful morning great folks to spend the day with we have so much in common and really enjoyed just hanging out chatting and stuff love the outdoors, they love the creeks and stuff back home. they fish light line light tackle, today went after some big fish, and we had ourselves a blast his son a senior in high school got the biggest one of his life is about 6 1/2 pounds numbers are fantastic a really really good average lot of good quality fish, this week has been producing a bunch of good fish, and we’re in a good moon Phase Everything’s looking right, and I love seeing this water coming down in Okeechobee the more it comes down the happy i get it is a little tricky navigation for people who don’t know how to run this late. But I’m telling you what when the water gets low the fishing It’s awesome getting in to nice steady weather now. We got one more cold front coming this week, and it just looking really really good and my favorite time of year is coming that’s when we start doing the light tackle and topwater crankbaits and all the fun stuff just a hoot of a time but this is Captain Mark Shepard, get down to Florida and Don’t miss out on your adventure on the big O.

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