West Volusia Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve

this is your West Volusia Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve with the fishing report for the St Johns River, today i had Mike and Mark out from Virginia their regular customers of bassOnline first time customer for me but been coming down here for a few years with a couple of other guys from bassOnline, and thought they try out the St Johns River and so we went out and we was fishing shiners running them under the mat and mark and mike both was kind of excited wanting to get some big fish and I’ve been lucking for last couple weeks and I’ve had a few big ones I got one 11. 6 there on Monday and we ended up we caught a 11.14 we brought it out from underneath the matts and then we had 17 others today it was a great day good calm day, sunshine all day it just didn’t get any better if you want to a picture perfect day for going out mat fishing i like to fish whenever the mats whenever the sunshine’s on them that way the shiners run way back, it was just great i was so proud that get that 11.14 for him and something you dream of and that’s a personal best that anybody on my boats ever caught so far so just up from there hopefully we hope we can do better than that in the future, and we’re always going to try to, hope to see them guys back down here again sometime, and for all of your freshwater and saltwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.com will be happy to get you fishing, this has been your West Volusia Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve, creating memories one fish at a time.

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