Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Capt Robert Miley

Hello good afternoon this is your Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Capt Robert Miley with a fishing report, i’m just finishing up a fishing trip at the falls with Larry and and Andrea and they had a great time they were from Albany New York coming down to go on a cruise and they wanted to spend some time catching some peacock bass well they happen to get on a 4 hour trip we got 12 peacocks and four really nice ones and i’ll be sending the pictures they’ve never caught them before they heard about them and they now know how hard they play so anyway that’s the fishing report the air temperature is 83 – water temperature was 75 so it’s starting to warm up the bite was still a little tough they’re down deep and you had to really feel for them, it’s a nice overcast day so anyway take care this is Capt Robert Miley i will see you on the next trip bye now.

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