Florida Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard

This is your Florida Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report well folks been doing a lot of artificial lately a lot of light tackle having a lot of fun catching some good numbers nice fish, but I had a special trip today Jim and his son Joe from Connecticut great Outdoorsmen they both love to hunt him and his boys and we had a little two boat deal going and just fantastic day the wind lay down a little bit besides a little bit of a live bait fishing, and we absolutely crushed them we had a terrific day great great number’s got the biggest fish of their lives and and just had our selves a blast Okeechobee water levels are starting to come down a little bit waters starting to clear up and some of the places way back i the swamp It’s beautiful, but we really needed a break from the wind. its coming up to my favorite time of the year things will get a lot more stable great live bait opportunities good artificial opportunities a lot of great Adventures ahead, This is captain mark Shepherd when you get a chance visit the big O.

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