Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard

Hi Folks Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard here with your lake Okeechobee fishing report well folks the weather’s really turned around it’s getting a lot nicer down here been a crazy crazy winter lots of rain and wind this tear in a place up and finishing up my last trip here with Jim Robertson one of my favorite clients who does many many days a year with me and lot of people like to follow Jim on the Facebook and see what he’s up to every time he goes out and it’s a different adventure but he’s always catching some fish and he got a beautiful one, one of the blackest bass i ever seen in my life it was a true black bass seeing a lot of different color shades in the fish, and i’m looking forward to getting back out on the water with Jim, should be back he said maybe sometime in the spring definitely in the fall it’s always good to get back out on the water with him and it looks like the weather’s going to stay nice for a good while so we should see some really nice days, Capt Mark Shepard don’t forget to have your adventure.

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