Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown

How’s everybody doing this is your Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown coming to you from lake Okeechobee today we were out of the south end of the lake we had a four trip i had jeff he is down for the 10th year just comes down for a couple weeks and spend a few days while he’s down here fishing we pull up in the first area and kind of got settled in and it took a little bit to get the fish to come over we missed out on a few fish and i still haven’t figured out why or what was going on with the bite but we normally try to count five seconds and set the hook and you can count five seconds you could count 8 for whatever reason i don’t know how the fish were taking them but we’re just having a lot of trouble getting the fish hooked and getting them the boat but we did windup being a we did catch a few fish in a quick trip and never did really figure out what we’re doing wrong but that’s kind of why they call it fishing and not catching but we enjoyed the what the good lord’s given us and in lake Okeechobee and just had a good time out there on the water and he’s looking forward to come back in next year maybe we’ll come back in December something with a little more stable weather until next time this has been your Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch the line with you.

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