Clewiston Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard

This is your Clewiston Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard here with a lake Okeechobee fishing report, well folks last two days back out with Jim Robertson always a pleasure to fish with him a long time client every time we go out it’s a different adventure yesterday it was fantastic just not super high numbers but everything we caught was about 3 pounds just a real good average lot of nice fish and everything his brother supposed to come with us but slept in so Jim came by himself best part of the deal was he was calling his brother giving his brother hard time about it the big fish he was missing but he didnt miss the boat today and so we went out today and very very windy head winds over 30 miles an hour still able to capture some really really nice fish jim caught this monster just a little shy of 6 pounds but the fish wasnt even 20 inches you have to look at the picture it is one short fat fish big head and she was full of eggs ready to spawn out but his his brother didn’t want to miss out on this is venture he got out there and he got his fish too and don’t ever miss out on your adventure this is captain mark shepherd.

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