Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Tony Summers

hey there this is your Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Tony Summers here with a fishing report for Lake Toho, was out today with a 4 hour trip temp was 60 this morning we had a cold front come in yesterday so it slow everything down a little bit, dropped the water temp but we went out there thinking it to be a little slow you know just looking for the one or two good bites and lo and behold we we ended up pulling up a 7.7 pound largemouth today, we only have five or six fish it was slow and we’re only using small shiners but we we got that one bite that they changed the whole trip for them so anyway we’re in, it ended up working out pretty good for us a lot of laughs like we always do on the boat had a great time you know just becoming friends with the guy in the back of the boat you know join in on the fishing with you so it’s a lot of fun i had a great time out there today the weather this week looking pretty good weather is warming up more bites getting even better fish are getting a little more consistent big fish are starting to become more prevalent now you know you’re starting to see some like that 11 pulled out on Capt Steve Niemoellers boat so it’s been pretty good it’s getting better so you guys get your trip come on down here in march it’s going on it’s happening right now so looking forward to seeing you guys til next time this has been your Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Tony Summers fish on.

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