Belle Glade Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown

how’s everybody doing this is your Belle Glade Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown, coming to you from lake Okeechobee. i had a double trip today and this is for my afternoon trip that we did i had three guys with me George and his buddies Leon and Jeff. we had an absolute blast of a time it was just absolutely wonderful time this afternoon we laughed, laughed so hard my stomach is still hurting, but not only did we enjoy the company we got out there and caught a bunch of fish, afternoon warmed up a bit got those fish bit more active and we went outta slims fish camp down there and we got ourselves 4 dozen shiners, and we headed out and the first stop we made we caught a bunch of fish nothing of any real big size maybe a 3 1/2 pounder, fished there for a couple hours maybe 2 & a half hours and i said that was time to make a little move and so we found a little bit cleaner water and and set up there and it didn’t take long to to get the fishing action going again, and next thing we know that Jeff caught a 7 pounder and that just put the icing on the cake for the day for those guys they just had an absolute blast of a time their heading up to Daytona for the rest of the week to watch the race and everything up there, the weather was as beautiful as i’ve seen it especially for the last 6 weeks that we’ve been doing and had real good time with these guys and just laughed and laughed and laughed, it was just wonderful so anybody out there looking to spend some time with a friend come down here to lake Okeechobee and let’s get you on the boat and have a great time and enjoy the company of each other. until next time this has been your Belle Glade Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch some line with you.

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