St Johns River Largemouth Bass Guide Capt Steve

this is your St Johns River Largemouth Bass Guide Capt Steve with the fishing report for the last 2 days i had Jim and Kay from Texas scheduled for 2 full days and we ended up doing a full day and a half a day the first day we went out and had one about 4 pounds about 10 minutes into the trip and we ended up we had a pretty nice day as far as weather we ended up with that about 10 or 11 bass the first day didn’t catch anything any bigger than 4 pounder that Jim caught we’re a lot of fun today we went out and we ended up catching about a dozen in a four hour trip today fish were biting just a little bit better just couldn’t get it hooked up with any big fish but i had real good weather like i said they was over here from Texas visiting some of there folks and decided to go fishing with us it actually seen me dammit saying baby on the box for mailing ship than that freak the trap.

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