Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Capt Brian

how’s everybody doing this is your Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report today we went out of the north end of Gerard’s and we had a 8 hour artificial trip today i was fishing with Eric he came down from Connecticut and wanted to come test the waters of Okeechobee again he’d been down last year with Kelby and Kelby actually had motor problems so he ended getting paired up with me we went out today and it was a beautiful day out there you can ask for better weather we were on a warming trend from all the cold fronts we’ve been getting hit with and the only trouble we had today was just trying to find the clean water we’ve had a lot of wind the last couple weekends we had some major storms and major wind blown through the lake water levels has come up almost 2 feet from where it had been a couple weeks ago and a lot of muddy water out there so if we could find some clean water we would get some bites in it, it definitely was kind of a weird day because it was a better day than i was expecting and yet not a real good day by lake Okeechobee standard so we did that and threw a lot of different baits at them we did some swim baits and swim jigs and stick worms and a little bit of everything it seemed like to try to get a bite here and there but our best bite seemed to come up from an outcast tackle swim jig just fishing it, slow not the normal up in the water column but just you know a little bit under not even waking and that seemed to be our best bite and it just never did put a real good definite pattern together that you could throw that one particular thing and and get better or anything it was just kind of you know fish here fish there and i mean after the end of eight hour day we we ended up with a 4 pounder a couple 3 pounders and a bunch of couple pound fish so it wasn’t a bad bad day by any stretch but you always wish it could be better. but the weather is great the guys for the flw tournament coming in they’re going to wack them probably pretty good as this weather keeps warming up and the water keeps climbing in if you guys want to come on down and check out Okeechobee we’re ready for you and march looks to be like an awesome month coming up February should be just dialed in, so until next time this is your Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch some line with you.

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