Largemouth Bass Lake Okeechobee Guide Capt Mark Shepard

Hi Folks this is your Largemouth Bass Lake Okeechobee Guide Capt Mark Shepard with my fishing report, well folks over the past week hey I’ve been slacking i need to know to keep up with my reports a little bit but a lot of good fish, fishing with some old time clients and just having a hoot of time catching some up to about 9 pounds and then had to take off and do a trip to Daytona do to Darrell Gwynn foundation what a wonderful deal fished with long time partner Ryan Newman number 31 caterpillar car trying to get a win him and me been 2nd 3rd but no matter what it’s all about raising money for those wheelchairs so its just an incredible experience always an honor to be part of such a deal but back on lake Okeechobee you guys are familiar with my long time client Jim Robertson been with me forever does sometimes 20 days a year with me we got out today brought his brother Malcolm, little brotherhood competition Jim Robertson great angler determined angler his brother kind of a novice but he can catch up but Jim is definitely the most talented angler well as the competition went today Jim had the most numbers but his brother put it on him with some good good fish they both had super good quality some big o fish numbers are great lot of fun lot of laughs i love seeing two brothers go at it with a little competition always just kinda add some excitement to the day let me tell you what folks when you come to Florida don’t miss out on your adventure no matter what they say about the water going into the estuary’s and all that lake Okeechobee is beautiful it’s alive and it’s incredible this is captain mark shepherd don’t ever pass up on an adventure we all go through this world once folks.

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