Largemouth Bass Fishing Guide Captain Mark Shepard

This is your Largemouth Bass Fishing Guide Captain Mark Shepard with a fishing report well folks last 3 days been an adventure everyday from good weather to bad weather but doing a 3 day trip four guys from Boston captain dave and I teamed up on this deal and we had Jim Matt and Dave and Mark two of them had our names it’s pretty cool easy to remember but the first day we mixed it up with some artificial, numbers were okay and nothing real big but a lot of fun they had a blast light tackle fishing and second day got real windy now to do some live bait fishing had a much better day better quality fishing then yesterday we finished up with the live bait and just put the hammer down on them had great number’s, great fish just a whole lot of fun and these guys are hilarious they cracked me and dave up big time we just had our selves a ball, tell you what you coming to Florida don’t miss out on the adventure you got to check out Okeechobee. Capt Mark Shepard tight lines until next time.

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