Lake Toho Bass Fishing Captain Steve

This is your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Captain Steve with a fishing report, first trip i took this morning was with Jason and his dad Gary from west Virginia and first time ive ever fished with them and they’ve been out with couple other bass online guides so we went out and the wind blew pretty hard there on toho it was pretty sunny it was pretty nice as far as that but the wind blew terribly bad but we caught about a dozen bass up to about 4 pounds had a pretty good day far as bass fishing went but just little rough as far as lake went but we grabbed shiners we set up a couple times and fished shiners up against the reef patches the bigger bass came off shore dragging shiners behind the boat while we was trolling, this is Capt Steve Niemoeller for all your for freshwater fishing adventures go to we appreciate it thanks bye.

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