Lake Toho Bass Fishing Captain Steve Niemoeller

this is your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Captain Steve Niemoeller with a fishing report. i had two trips down there and i took Brandon from Kentucky out on the second trip we was mostly drifting dragging shiners behind the boat and wind was really really rough never did rain on us it did sprinkle just a little bit one time but we ended up catching most of the fish by dragging behind the boat we ended up having about 10 or 12 there in a 6 hour trip with them up to 4 and a half pounds and wasn’t to bad i guess providing the weather was like it was we almost had one right at the end of the day there on the last shiner we had that we lost that one with all the winds and everything. this is Captain Steve Niemoeller and for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to we appreciate it thank you.

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