Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Captain Brian

How’s everyone doing this is your Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Captain Brian with a fishing report today we did an eight hour trip to the south end of the lake we went out of slims fish camp i was guiding Mark and Maren we wanted to kind of divide things up he wanted to experience a little shiner fish and then a little bit of artificial fishing and with his mom along we did a little bit more shiner fishing we grab five dozen shiners from slims and we headed out to the lake and pull up into an area that i had been fishing for a while and had some pretty good success and it didn’t take us long we got set up and and got a couple of rods out and i threw it out for mark and it wasn’t 10 minutes time he had a nice five pounder on all ready so that was a great way to kick start the day and i know mark got that one in and got another shiner on and I don’t know about 10 minutes later yet another five pounder that was a great way to get the day going his trip to lake Okeechobee was pretty much complete just catching those two fish their were hooting and holler and just having a good time and man we cant ask for better weather today either we had sun in the clouds kind of mixed in together which you know that we had the sun to keep us warm the clouds kept coming by to keep the fish on the outside and in feeding and we had a good time with the shiners and then ended up burning through those and we had a couple hours left to kill so we went and did the artificial fishing that he wanted to do and we actually had another probably got another dozen fish and they both actually got the biggest fish of the day on some artificial worms out in the hay field she had a nice 6 pounder and Maren with a 3 pound fish so they had an absolute blast of a time just kind of mixing up doing a little bit of both just experience and see what lake Okeechobee has to offer and and they are definitely look into coming back for next year again and in fact is going to bring his son some next time so they had a great time so great way to spend time with family and so anybody out there looking to try to figure out a way they can do a family vacation look us up here at bass online and and bring them down and let’s do a trip here on lake Okeechobee and tell next time tight lines this has been your Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Fishing Captain Brian Brown, looking to stretch the line with you.


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