Lake Okeechobee Fishing Capt Brian Brown

Hi everyone, this is your Lake Okeechobee Fishing Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report, today i was joined by Ed and his daughter Camille we were supposed to have an 8 hour trip today and we we cut it a little bit short and made a 4 hour trip out of it we went out at 11 o’clock rather than 7 and the way we’ve had these monsoon rains last 2 days it was storming pretty good and really have you again so we looked at the radar and we can could tell by 11 o’clock this afternoon it would’ve been lighting up so we we went out of Clewiston down there and we stopped got some we got ourselves four dozen shiners and headed out to the lake as she went over to the south bay area ran out to a an area that we had caught some fish and i wasn’t sure how good it was going to be or how good the day would even be with the weather we’ve been having we got a position and it took about 25 minutes or so to get our first bite and i was kind of starting to wonder like what did we get ourselves in to and do a little bit of rain out there and we’re kind of getting a little bit wet and i thought my goodness and all of a sudden we got the the first cork to go down and we got the first bass in the boat and the first one was actually Camille’s first bass ever and had a nice solid 2 pound fish and next thing i know ed got himself a 2 pound fish and the floodgates opened after that they just flat whacked them today it was an amazing two and a half 3 hours of just fish catching they ended up if you can see in the pictures they wanted up with two fish in the in the 7 pound range a 6 pound fish two more 4 pound fish and we lost count of the two and a half to four pound fish, it was just absolutely amazing its one of those days you remember as a guide and even as a client and they that caught the biggest fish on their lives and and the most fish they had ever gotten in one day and we got it done in 4 hour so they’ve got they’ve got a couple more full eight hour days to get out of here on the water and then enjoy what lake Okeechobee has to offer oh man and even some better weather to do it in so it’s going to be pretty awesome can’t wait to hear all they’re doing in the next few days so again man anybody that’s got family and they want to come out and and hang out together in the boat and just enjoy what lake Okeechobee has to offer up here, look us up at bass online and no matter if it’s raining like it was today or beautiful sunshine we can get you out on the water and and give you a trip of a lifetime till next time tight lines this has been your Lake Okeechobee Fishing Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch the line with you.

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