Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Captain Mark Shepard

hey folks this is your Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Captain Mark Shepard with a fishing report well folks you know it’s kind of a kicker for us guys down here and it makes us giggle inside we would get these northern folks and these folks we had four people me and Kelly walker we’re doing a trip together as a two boat deal and their from Quebec and they come walking up no socks one of them has a pair of shorts on the rest all dressed real light 55 degrees at the marina feels okay and i’d like you guys got any more clothes we get out on the lake and 1 hour into it and they were just miserable cold shivering and shaking and everything else seen this many of times so when you come down here in January February bring some extra clothes but anyways they’re booked to do a 6 hour trip we cut it down to 4 they got really really cold wind was going about 35 miles an hour so this limited to what we could do but it turned out awesome we had a little tournament between 2 boats my guys end up just barely pulling it off they were behind there and they pulled off a double at the end but both boats did fantastic Kelly’s boat had the biggest fish but we got the best numbers just a fantastic deal we made the best out what mother nature threw at us we’ve been through a lot of rain just January has been one tough a son of a gun we’ve been suffering through it but we got through today and just had ourselves a blast weather supposed to turn around a little bit got one of my favorite clients come down fishes quite a bit comes down once year and he’s been with me for a long long time and he just loves to flip were going to go out see what we can do hopefully we’ll get you some good pictures. well folks this has been your Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Captain Mark Shepard with the fishing report, tight lines until next time.

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