Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Captain Robert Miley

Hello this is your Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Captain Robert Miley with a fishing report just getting ready to pull out from lake Ida we had a good day today peacock bite was just a little slow we caught 6 nice decent ones no real giants 3 pounds the biggest got one clown fish about 10 pounds and 1 about 5 pounds and caught probably 10 15 largemouth bass and the guys missed a lot of fish we caught them both on shiners and a mix of artificial lures and it was a good day, they had a great time Grover is down from Virginia yeah there’s a snow clear up to his hips and bill he’s from new jersey and he has some snow so they decided to come down and get in on some of this good fishing the water temperature was a nice 72 this morning it’s 82 degrees it was 70 when i put it in it’s 82 now and the water temperature when i left the fishing spot was 77 so it’s coming up anyway we saw a lot of fish there was a lot of action they had a super day themselves to get out and go fishing and so anyway tight lines Robert E Miley bye.

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