Bass Fishing Lake Toho Guide Captain Steve

This is your Bass Fishing Lake Toho Guide Captain Steve with a fishing report, I had Gordon and John from Pennsylvania down and we started out it was a little chilly about 47 degrees or so 50 degrees and water temperature still down pretty low and so the best thing is like they have been doing the last few days slow biting it’s just taking a little bit of time you got a really really work with them to get them to eat right now and so this morning it was kind of slow we had one 1 right off bat but they figured out they were going to wait a little bit longer and i as the sun came up we ended up i don’t know probably had 15 20 bite today and caught 7 or 8 bass a little slow alot of playing with the bait they had never seen anything like that, anyway we had a real good time and everything today and hopefully they come back down sometime and fish lake Toho again this is Captain Steve for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to and we will accommodate you.

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