Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee Guide Capt Mark Shepard

hey folks this is your Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee Guide Capt Mark Shepard with my fishing report, had a lot of crazy adventures over last few weeks in a few tough days mother nature’s been pretty darn tough down here in south Florida i know y’all don’t think it gets cold we’ve had tornados and everything else you can think of but we’ve been catching some fish and have some good days and today was a very special day for me cuz i got to go out with some long time clients bob and his friend jim been with me many many times if you getting out of that american hero and such an honor to be with both of these guys are just full of wisdom and full of laughter a lot of good fun stories and just some of my most entertaining clients and we really had a good time caught pretty darn good numbers of fish really really nice quality just had ourselves a blast yesterday did crappies trip with Jim Robertson got some pretty nice Crappie, numbers are pretty good but we had a lot of shorts under 10 inches but we still got a nice bag of for them to take home and have a fish fry so when you get down here south Florida don’t miss out on this adventure this is captain mark shepherd all the best

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