Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee Captain Mark Shepard

Hi folks this is your Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee Captain Mark Shepard with a fishing report well folks weather’s kind of good right now and it’s supposed to go south again that’s January for us but had a really fun day last couple days been doing quite a bit artificial and today i had a long time client named Tim has been with me several times and he brought a couple of his buddies Mark and Ron now these guys are just fantastic be around a little bit green and the funniest thing of a day mark is bringing in a fish and it’s coming towards the boat and ron got scared and said oh my gosh what is that coming towards the boat and mark look down says that’s a fish oh, and i about fell off the boat thats a new one on me i have never seen anybody get spoked from a fish dancing across the surface the water coming up but he thought something was fixing to him and snatch him off the back of the boat lot of fun got really really good numbers doing light tackle lot of water in the lake the lake is real flooded so we can go a lot of places we went places i aint been in over 10 years and just had ourselves a ball little breezy but just still fantastic day and great numbers Captain Mark Shepard all the best every buddy.

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