St Johns river fresh water fishing report

St Johns river fresh water fishing report with Captain Steve Niemoeller today I guided for Jim and his grandson, Paxton. from Tennessee long time customer of Mine, coming down to fish the St Johns river, he actually fish St Johns river for about 40 years using other guides and he’s been My customer now for a few years, and we always enjoy him coming down and going out and last couple years. He brought his grandson Paxton. with him we went out today on the St johns here and we caught probably 20 or so. Then this afternoon we went out fishing was a little slow, but we’ve got the biggest of the day right at the end of the day before we quit and it weighed 7 and a half pounds. Jim Caught it He’s been pretty lucky with me he’s caught some 8 and a half pounders and nines and today was a seven and a half so he’s pretty excited about that looking forward to going out again tomorrow. I hope we can get Paxton a big fish tomorrow. we a nice day today the wind started blowing this morning early and then it laid down it was like a little front come through, but it laid down this afternoon. It was almost dead calm the sun was out most of the day However now, and then it would go around behind the clouds. This has been you St Johns river fresh water fishing report with Capt Steve. Give me a call and lets do some fishing for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to tightlines until next time.


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