St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller

This is your St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve NieMoeller with a fishing report today I carried past customers of Bassonline and they have been coming out with us guides for a while It was the first time I’ve ever taken them fishing, and they have been out with a couple the other guides over the years before and they wanted to fish the St Johns and so we came up it was very foggy this morning, so didn’t run very far very fast and finally got into a little Creek and ended up we caught almost a dozen, on a 4 hour trip. Hsd quite a few more bites probably missed another 8 or 9 something like it, but it was a pretty good time. Just experiencing the st johns river seeing how we do things up here so we. Look forward to having them guys come back again sometime and for everybody else out there for all your fresh fishing Adventures go to bass We’ll be glad to take care of you there again This is Capt Steve Niemoeller, Thank you.

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