South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing Guide Capt Mark

This is your South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing Guide Capt Mark with a fishing report folks well let me tell you over this past week it is been windy tough a lot of cancellations what trips i have had we had been able to scrounge them up and with Jim Roberson he fishes with me all the time we scrape them up and we were in 30 mile an hour winds cold dressed up in our hunting gear the trip before that was pretty good good numbers in pretty decent fish and then it just got worse and worse and today was finally a beautiful day it was the first pretty day we had a while and i got out with long time clients mike and bob and it kind of started out a little bit slow it’s kind of cold and once that sun got up the water started warming up we just started whacking them and we had a fantastic day we had real good numbers but we were averaging between 3 to 6 pounds and so that really made it a really fantastic day a lot of good hard fighting on these fish fresh fish migrating in on the moon phase couldn’t ask for no better waters coming up on lake Okeechobee a lot more to explore i know my northern friends are suffering i feel for you i’m wearing my clothes and my coveralls and everything else down here it’s kind of get chilling again that’s the next few days we got a big storm coming tomorrow don’t know what’s going to happen but we’ll get through it but the fishing is fantastic and there’s a lot of good opportunities down here this has been your South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard with a fishing report, all the best

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